What is Home-based ECE service

Home-based childcare is an alternative to kindergartens and daycare.

Children are looked after in a home setting rather than a kindergarten’s centre setting. Also, the number of children attending a home is no more than 4, which differs greatly to the more populated centres. Compare that to a day care setting where sizes may be larger, and it is easy to understand why this can be a preferred option for many families.

While some parents prefer to move their toddler or preschooler to a daycare setting prior to entering school to become used to more children and activities, many families like the small and more calm and quiet home environment for infants and young children. Nurseries at daycare facilities can sometimes appear to look institutional, which can be offsetting to parents with a baby. However, having an in-home provider who can care for a child in a nursery-setting with only one or two babies can be appealing to many.